The time has come for the yearly National Platform of ESN Iceland! You may ask: what is a National Platform? Well, here you go:

The National Platform is an annual event where we elect new board members, bond as a team with energizers and little games, and come forward with new ideas, advice and whatever we want to say regarding ESN.
The event will on March 12th in Loft Hostel Cafe at 18:30. 

IMPORTANT: This event is free to join for everyone! Whether you are an active member or you are just interested in helping ESN Iceland, you are welcome! If you would like to apply for a board position (most of them are available), please make a short presentation about yourself and your skills (Motivation letter) and send it to us at
The National Platform will be held at Loft Hostel Cafe at 18:30 on the 12th of March. 
Let's have some fun together! smiley