The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a European-wide student organisation, created to support and develop student exchange. We have more than 520 local sections in 41 countries working in Higher Educational Institutes (HEI) being organised on a local, national and international level with approximately 13,000 active working members. Our network is in direct contact with more than 350,000 internationally minded students. The aims of ESN are to promote the social and personal integration of the exchange students. We organise various clubs, welcome parties, trips and all kinds of other fun events, all year round. We also set up buddy programs, provide information and may even come and fetch the students at the airport when they arrive. We are here to make their stay more enjoyable and easier.

In Iceland, there are currently two ESN sections: Reykjavík University and the University of Iceland. The national umbrella organization “ESN Iceland” coordinates the cooperation of these sections, holds regular meetings to allow people to share their experiences, and tries to help with problems of all sorts.

The international headquarters of ESN are located in Brussels, Belgium. From there, ESN International represents and defends the interests and rights of international students, for example vis-à-vis the European Union. There are regular national and international meetings for exchanging experiences and to develop the network.